Nursing Home Negligence & Elder Abuse

There are over one million reports of elder abuse by nursing home staff each year in the United States. This number is growing rapidly due to the expansion of the elder population. Approximately 34 million people who are now over the age of 65 need assisted living services. According to numerous studies reported by the National Center for Elder Abuse, the most common type of elder abuse is the general neglect of basic needs. The second most common type is intentional abuse including physical, mental and sexual abuse.

General neglect occurs when the staff has a lack of interest for the well being of the elderly. This form of neglect can also lead to more serious forms of disorders such as bed sores. Bed sores are ulcers caused by a constant amount of pressure on a specific area of the body. Bed sores vary in severity, often first appearing as persistent red areas on the skin. If left untreated, these sores can develop ulcers that reach the muscle, bone or tendon. The elderly have a higher risk of developing bed sores due to thin skin, malnutrition and poor circulation. This type of neglect is easily preventable, but reversing the damage becomes increasingly difficult if bed sores are left untreated.

When faced with nursing home abuse and/or nursing home negligence, residents and family members are often left feeling confused and angry over the violation of trust by these facilities. Consulting our attorneys who specialize in uncovering elder abuse can help you regain your power by protecting your legal rights.

Your ability to recover damages and the amount of your recovery will depend in large part on the strength and reputation of the law firm you select to handle your case.

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