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Choose a Texas/ Texas Construction Accident Attorney Who Will Fight for Your Rights

Choose a Texas/ Texas Construction Accident Attorney Who Will Fight for Your Rights

You must realize the critical importance of acting swiftly. In construction accident injury cases, the evidence begins to fade immediately. The accident scene itself changes quickly as construction sites are in a constant state of change. And witnesses change their stories or forget what they saw. If you wait too long to hire an attorney and put him on the investigative trail, you are doing lasting damage to your ability to secure the restitution you deserve.

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Here’s a recent example. Our attorneys were very quickly hired by the loved ones of a construction worker who died after a fall from a crane. The employer had ordered the worker on the rig but didn’t provide a safety harness. And when the man plummeted to his death, the employer hurried to a construction supply store, bought a safety harness and attached it to the dead man before reporting the accident. Our attorneys were able to prove this willful deception by interviewing his co-workers, and we made this employer pay: and pay big.

We also mentioned defendant asset checks as part of our investigations. Many times, liable defendants have the money to pay for your injuries but hide their assets by giving them to a family member or tossing them in an offshore account until the danger to them passes. But if they have the funds to pay, we’ll find them.

There are many construction injury attorneys in Texas. How can you decide which one is right to handle your case? Our respected personal injury attorneys recommend interviewing at least two or three before choosing the lawyer that you want to hire. Ask each one about his track record for settling and litigating car accident cases. Find out what each attorney thinks the strengths and weaknesses of your case are. See if the lawyers can provide you with the names of former clients whose cases were similar to yours. Ask if you can contact them. And then reach out to them and ask the same question you asked the prospective attorney.

If you do all of these things to your satisfaction, then you’ll be able to hire an attorney whose experience in handling cases as yours gives you confidence, as well as peace of mind that this is the lawyer you can trust with your case. And if your family member is not able to do this, you need to take this responsibility on yourself for the sake of your family’s compensation rights. The longer you wait, the more risk you run of ending up with nothing but a pile of medical bills and no money to pay them, or the rest of the damages to which you have a right to be compensated.

The experienced construction accident lawyers with our Law Firm help injured construction workers deal with their challenging work-injury cases. We have spent decades accumulating the expertise required to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Put our experience to work for you. We can tell you your rights, how to proceed with your claim, how much compensation you can secure and aggressively represent your case or claim to its final resolution: be it through successful negotiations or a favorable verdict in civil court.

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