Month: September 2018


On the Job Injuries

Accidents at work are handled differently than non-work-related accidents. Typically, worker’s comp benefits will be an employee’s “exclusive remedy” for obtaining compensation for a work-related accident, but there are important exceptions, such as where an independent third-party (i.e., a non-employer) has contributed to causing your injury.

Don’t assume your work-related accident is limited to a worker’s comp recovery, but just to be on the safe side, follow these steps with any work-related injury:

  1. Tell your supervisor;
  2. Fill out the paperwork your employer provides (Form C-1/Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease (Incident Report);
  3. Get medical care if you need it and fill out that paperwork, as well (Form C-4/ Employee’s Claim for Compensation/Report of Initial Treatment).

We have the ability to assist you with your worker’s comp claim, and to determine if some other (non-employer) entity is also legally responsible for compensating you. Why is this important? Because if some non-employer entity also contributed to causing your injury, you can proceed with a personal injury claim against them which is not limited by worker’s comp damages. If you’ve been injured at work, we can help.